Business Development Classes

Decrease Sales Staff Turnover and Increase Revenue

One of the biggest challenges most insurance restoration firms face is finding, then training, quality business development representatives.

The truth is, most owners and managers are not sales professionals.  They are pro’s in mitigation and construction.  As a result, most business development representatives are left to figure things out on their own.

Most business development representatives have minimal formal sales training and little experience.

The result?  Constant turnover.  Underachieving.  Frustration for everyone.

It Doesn’t Have to be That Way

Imagine what it would mean to the financial success of your company to have a national insurance restoration sales trainer personally teach your business development representative.

Might they be more confident with a bit of professional guidance?  Would they be able to drive more referrals if they understood how and why and when and what to say on their sales calls?

Selling is a profession unto itself.  Insurance restoration sales is a highly-specialized subset of this profession.

We’ve been driving amazing sales results for 30 years and we can help your team, also.

“I cannot thank them enough for the knowledge, skills and confidence that I have obtained.”  Nicole B., Business Development Representative

Two Great Options for World Class Training

Depending on the size of your company, there are two options: in person training or online classes.  Both choices result in the same information being shared, the same tactics and strategies proven successful in restoration markets nationally.

In Person Classes Can be Customized for Your Unique Situation

Beyond classroom instruction, we also offer field training where one of our experienced restoration sales trainers spends time, one-on-one, with your business development representative.

We’ll even go along on major sales calls and pitch in to close the deal.


Online Classes are a Cost-effective Way to Boost Restoration Selling Skills

Online classes can be taken whenever it is convenient, plus they are available to be watched over-and-over.  It’s like having a national sales trainer at your fingertips.

Completing our sales courses immediately puts your team ahead of 99% of the competition. They’ll be better informed and better prepared to dominate your market.

Crafted from thirty years of national training success in the highly-competitive insurance restoration industry, our classes consistently deliver positive results.

Business Development Classes (20 Classes Total)

Selling to Insurance Agents and Adjusters–60 minutes

Do you sometimes feel like you’re a clone in an endless line of people trying to get referrals?  This class takes you behind the scenes–what daily life is truly like for insurance agents and adjusters, how to stand out and be memorable, the power of lunch meetings (and how to hold them), and the truth and fiction of the most commonly heard objections.  Those are just a few of the topics covered in this fast-paced, dynamic class.

Beyond Insurance–16 Additional Sources of Business–60 minutes

How many non-insurance referral sources can you name?  How many are part of your business mix?  This class dives into 16 additional sources of business and discusses how to approach each: hot buttons, what to say (and not say), the appropriate call frequency of each, and what to know about your own company before approaching these sources.

RestorationAdvisoryGroup Sales Success System–45 minutes

There is a system behind the results of every successful restoration business development representative.  This program has been proven in markets around the nation.  In this exciting class, you’ll learn: how to always make a RAG Full Logogreat entrance, the power of tactical retreats, how to stand out and be memorable, what your unique ‘hook’ is and how to leverage it, the power of purpose on every call, and what to talk about when you don’t know what to talk about.  Best of all, you’ll receive one year of call planning activities.

The RestorationAdvisoryGroup Referral Process–30 minutes

Wouldn’t it be great to never have to make another cold call?  This proprietary program guides you step-by-step through a process that will have your current referral sources opening the door to new prospects.  They’ll introduce you and pave the way for future business if you master the steps of this referral process.

Analyzing Your Current Book of Business–30 minutes

Do you know your top referral sources?  What about the breakdown of business–the percentage of water claims, fire, or construction?  Do you monitor the trends?  Up, down, stagnant?  Knowing your book of business is one of the most important things you can do when creating a tactical approach to your call cycles.  This class guides you through analyzing your book of business.  You’ll learn how to discover when a referral source is beginning to dry up, untapped opportunities within your current sources, and where you are most vulnerable to the competition.

RestorationAdvisoryGroup Call Cycle Planning–3o minutes

In over 30 years of restoration sales, we’ve learned that up to 80% of your time is wasted.  Why?  Lack of planning and improper targeting.  Our proprietary call cycle planning program focuses you like a laser on the exact targets most likely to increase your referrals without losing contact with lesser prospects.  You’ll receive a step-by-step program to determine which referral sources to see and how often to see them.  A must have for new business development representatives or those ready to be more efficient.

Making Money with Listening Skills–45 minutes

Everyone thinks they are a great listener.  Everyone also thinks they are a great driver. The truth is, up to 90% of the population are terrible listeners.  That probably includes you.  So what?  Well, it’s costing you money.  Lots and lots of money.  This class dives in to how to become an effective listener and how to translate this skill into more referrals.

How to Move Anyone from No to Yes–30 minutes

Rejection is part of selling, right?  Not necessarily.  There is a talent behind moving a prospect from saying no to yes.  This class covers our nine-step process to gently, but effectively, guide referral sources into adding you to their list of recommended companies.  A great class for new and experienced business development representatives.

The Purpose and Power of Notes–30 minutes

Do you take notes after each and every sales call?  Are they effective or something you do because your manager requires it?  This class explores the mechanics of effective sales notes: what to record, when, and why.  And how to use them in your pre-call preparation.

Researching the Competition–30 minutes

What do you know about your main competitors?  Based on our experience, you know very little and probably don’t know the things that can make a true difference in taking business away.  We provide a step-by-step guide to effectively dissecting your competition and learning how to leverage this information into more referrals.

Eliminating Sales Stress–45 minutes

Restoration sales can be extremely stressful.  So many things are beyond your control and there are innumerable ways to lose business.  This class covers how to use negative preparation for positive results, the top sales stressors and how to effectively overcome each.  Take a bit of your load away with this useful, easy-to-apply course.

Defeating Call Reluctance–30 minutes

We’ve all had those days.  You just don’t want to get out of the car.  Do you know why?  There are only two reasons for call reluctance–repeated failure and fear of rejection.  This dynamic class tackles each of these demons, providing 17 practical, useful strategies to get you past reluctance and towards embracing every single day.

Overcoming Objections and Closing Techniques that Work–60 minutes

Encountering resistance is the nature of the game in sales.  But, it should never be the end of the game.  This course covers a proven strategy for dealing with objections as well as techniques proven in restoration markets nationally to get referral sources sending business your way.

The 4 Essential Steps of Effective Sales Calls–30 minutes

Every sales call involves four steps.  Not understanding what they are or how to maximize their effectiveness can cost you money.  This course guides you through every step, showing you the key elements to ensure your presentation moves quickly towards a positive outcome.  Ideal for those new(er) to the profession of selling.

Leveraging Social Media into Sales–20 minutes

Everyone knows what social media is.  You probably participate personally.  But, are you leveraging the power of social media to break through with difficult referral sources?  We’re not talking about random posts on how great your company is.  This class explores how to use the power of social media to have a direct, one-to-one conversation with that referral source that just won’t make time for you.  Isn’t it time to make your sales life easier?

The Power of Goals–30 minutes

Imagine a sporting event where no one kept score.  How would a winner be determined?  It’s amazing, but the average restoration sales professional doesn’t have any goals–not personal or professional.  That’s like taking a road trip without a map.  This course will make an immediate difference in your level of happiness, both on the job and off.   You’ll receive worksheets and a step-by-step guide to creating goals in a variety of categories.

Understanding Body Language–30 minutes

Did you know that 55% of every conversation is non-verbal?  Are you fluent in interpreting body language?  If not, you’re probably missing great opportunities to push farther or to explain unspoken objections.  With this course, you’ll have a greater understanding of the subtleties of body language, what different gestures mean, and how to engage negative non-verbal communication.  This course should be taken by everyone dealing directly with the public.

A Primer to Mitigation and Policy Issues–45 minutes

Many business development representatives have never worked an emergency services job or dealt directly with the numerous policy issues that can create havoc.  This course is a great overview of how mitigation works, the history of restoration, and the most common coverage issues which can create headaches for you and your company.

Understanding and Selling to Different Personality Types–30 minutes

Would it surprise you to know there are, basically, only 16 different people walking the earth?  That’s the total number of core personality types inhabiting every city in every country.  You’ve probably met a person who immediately reminded you of someone else.  It wasn’t your imagination.  Knowing how to recognize these personality types (and how to engage them) will make a tremendous difference in obtaining more referrals.

Understanding and Selling to Different Communication Styles

Everyone has a basic communication style.  Some styles conflict with others.  Knowing how to quickly determine a communication style, then knowing how to adjust so your message is heard, makes all the difference between ongoing frustration and success in your sales career.  Learn the physical, emotional, and verbal characteristics of each style of communication and how to deal with each.