Every Dollar Invested in Employee Training Translates to Multiple Dollars in Revenue

Knowledge is power.  We’re all familiar with that statement because it is true.

The world is changing rapidly and the same is true of insurance restoration.  Newer techniques, more competition, online communication, and more are all adding up to a business environment where things are moving faster and faster.

Are you keeping up?

Yesterday’s Hits Don’t Win Tomorrow’s Game

So, you’ve been doing okay for a number of years.  What guarantees do you have that your past wins will carry forward?  None.

The customer and referral source of today is unlike the one of the past.  They’re better informed, more savvy, have more resources at their fingertips, are less loyal, and are quick to blast you on social media if unhappy.

The solution?  Education.  Constant education.

Something as simple as effective listening skills can make the difference in a client relationship being positive or negative.  Knowing how to overcome objections can increase the closing rate of technicians and improve the referrals coming from your business development representative.

Knowledge is power.

“…focused like a laser on delivering results…has the ability to connect…brings out the best in their performance.”  Keith M., Leadership Expert

We’ve Always Done it This Way

The above headline is the words of dinosaurs and dying operations.  They’re on their way out, they just don’t realize it yet.

Beyond direct increases to your bottom line through professional training, investing in education is a tangible way to show employees they matter.  A recent study showed that 65% of men in their 30’s quit their job primarily due to a lack of options to learn more and develop.

Most restoration companies are now hiring millennials–a generation unlike any other.  They aren’t particularly motivated by money, but they are charged up by new experiences and personal growth.

Investing in employee education is investing in relationships.  And, like all investments, there is a payoff–greater employee retention, happier working relationships, and an improved bottom line.

A Wide Variety of Options

Depending on the size of your company, there are two options: in person training or online classes.  Both choices result in the same information, the identical tactics and strategies proven successful in restoration markets nationally.

In Person Classes Can be Customized for Your Unique Situation

Beyond classroom instruction, we also offer field training where one of our experienced restoration trainers spends time one-on-one with your business development representative, technicians, or managers.

We’ll even go along on major sales calls and pitch in to close the deal or lead employee meetings.


Online Classes are a Cost-effective Way to Boost Restoration Skills

Online classes can be taken whenever it is convenient, plus they are available to be watched over-and-over.  It’s like having a national trainer at your fingertips.

Completing our courses immediately puts your team ahead of 99% of the competition. They’ll be better informed and better prepared to dominate your market.

Crafted from thirty years of national training success in the highly-competitive insurance restoration industry, our classes consistently deliver positive results.

Training Your Most Important Team Members

A variety of sales and customer services classes are available, perfect for business development representatives, technicians, managers, and owners.

Click here for a complete list of online classes.