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Give Yourself The Winning Edge

All professionals know that a good coach can make the difference in reaching the next level of success.  Insurance restoration is no different.

None of us are able to see ourselves clearly, objectively. And it’s natural to sometimes second-guess decisions or options.

That’s where an experienced coach comes in.  Someone focused solely on your success.  A person you can trust to tell you when you’re wrong…and when you’re on the right track.

“…an amazing coach and has enabled helping me to move to the next level in my position.”  Rosey, R.  Business Development Representative

Experienced Guides You Can Trust

Our coaches have all been in your shoes, on the front line in the competitive world of insurance restoration. 

They’ve juggled jobs, fought against competitors, dealt with employee problems, trained sales representatives and technicians, and worked towards a profitable bottom line.

In other words, their advice comes from a position of understanding not theory.

Different Coaching Options for Different Needs

Coaching is available in two forms: peer-based and one-on-one.  Each approach has a specific place in your arsenal of advisers and the two are often combined for maximum effectiveness.

Professionally-led groups and individual coaching are available for business development representatives, sales managers, general managers, and owners.

Let’s Have a Conversation About Your Challenges

We’ll give you an unbiased opinion on whether or not coaching is right for you–and if you’re right for us.