Group Coaching

Group Coaching is the Foundation of Your Success as a Restoration Professional

Put five restoration professionals on the same video conference and the potential is enormous.

Each RestorationAdvisoryGroup peer group is specifically tailored to job description, experience, and market challenges. They’re purpose-built so members can help each other to solve their most pressing concerns through a process we call peer advisory.

Members from across the country count on the peers in their RestorationAdvisoryGroup to provide fresh perspectives and new ideas to their problems at every monthly meeting.

Your Experienced Coach Gives the Best Restoration Guidance Possible

The role of your RestorationAdvisoryGroup coach is to ensure that every bit of their group’s experience and wisdom is applied in every meeting.

Coaches are accomplished restoration professionals. They are totally committed to the success of group members.

Through their restoration experience, they help stimulate thinking, frame issues, guide discussions, and ensure accountability in the group.

Coaches Hold You Accountable to Drive Your Learning and Development

During meetings, and in their private one-to-one coaching sessions each month, coaches encourage and support members’ personal and professional growth, and hold members accountable for taking action on their goals.

They help to develop their members and give back the knowledge they have earned through their own outstanding careers as restoration professionals.

“My coach has a wealth of knowledge in sales, marketing, and business development, and has provided me with a mentorship and direction that has helped make me successful…”  Nicole B., Business Development Representative.

Only One Member Per Market Allows You to Speak Freely

The purpose of peer groups is to learn and share with other restoration professionals who understand your unique challenges.

In order that every group feels comfortable speaking freely, we only accept one member per market.  You’ll never run in to a competitor (or someone who knows them).  Additionally, we never use last names or company names.

You’re free, and encouraged, to open up.  Collectively, peer groups grow through combined wisdom and experience.


Even the Simplest Choices Can Have a Profound Impact on Your Career

RestorationAdvisoryGroup members find that the peer advisory training they get out of their group has a profound effect on their growth as restoration professional.

Not surprisingly, our members soon discover that their careers also experience significant growth as a direct result of the coaching provided by their RestorationAdvisoryGroup.

RestorationAdvisoryGroup peer coaching works because in every group and in every meeting, no topic is off-limits.

If you are willing to talk candidly about the tough challenges and frustrations you face, fellow members will rally around you, listen, ask tough questions, and bring to bear every resource they have to help you grow as a restoration professional.

New Perspectives Lead to New Successes

When our members have access to new perspectives – whether from fellow restoration peers, an outside facilitator, or expert speakers – they expand their view beyond their company walls in a way that traditional training just can’t offer.

Members report that our restoration development initiatives help them grow, learn, and find new ways to apply their newfound knowledge to their jobs.

Traditional training programs focus on one-time workshops. RestorationAdvisoryGroup takes a different path, by combining peer advisory and coaching to impact the lives of our members both personally and professionally.

Our members bring a wealth and diversity of experience to the table and apply their knowledge to helping each other overcome challenges and seize opportunities.

Each RestorationAdvisoryGroup is designed to help members help each other work on their most pressing issues and improve their lives. This is the kind of mentoring that can only come from a team of restoration professionals working towards the success of each other.

Discounted One-on-One Coaching

Each peer group meets online, once each month, for four hours.  Don’t worry–we throw in a few breaks.

Members also receive one hour of one-on-one coaching to further explore topics and challenges uncovered during the group session. If additional one-on-one time is needed, a substantial discount applies.

Our goal is to assist every member in achieving their goals.

An application and interview process are required to be considered for joining a peer group.  We want to ensure you fit our group and that we fit your needs.