One On One Coaching

Every Successful Professional Has a Coach They Trust and Respect

Imagine a Super Bowl winning quarterback who never seeks input on his technique.  Think of an actor without the discerning, objective eye of a director.

Successful people seek out successful advisers.  Bill Gates visits Warren Buffet.  Peyton and Eli Manning regularly spend time with David Cutcliffe.

Who do you turn to for advice?  If you’re like most restoration owners, you don’t turn to anyone.

To go it alone is to risk being blinded by your own light.  Sometimes what is most needed is someone in a position to say that sounds like a really bad idea, here’s why.

My coach has a great ability to find individuals strengths and to help those people to use those strengths to be more successful in their positions in our team.”  Emmis C., Owner

Your Time, Your Topic

At a set time (every week, two weeks, monthly), you and your coach will explore your business, frustrations, challenges, and goals.

Your coach has been where you are.  Private coaching is available for business development representatives, sales managers, general managers, and owners.

Sometimes you’ll be challenged.  Sometimes the coach will carefully listen as you share or vent.  Together, you will work towards achieving your personal and professional goals while taking your restoration business to the next level of success.

Coaching is a give-and-take process requiring trust and total commitment on both ends of the conversation.  Your coach protects you as would any professional listening to highly personal information.

And, best of all, your coach will never be a ‘yes’ person.

Regardless of the role you hold in insurance restoration, being able to speak freely and receive honest feedback is rare–and valuable.


A Safe Place for You to Voice Concerns, Share Struggles, and Obtain Feedback

One-on-one coaching is all about you.

A comment most often heard during one-on-one sessions is “It’s so great to have someone who understands what I’m facing.” 

We do understand.  We’ve been in your shoes.

A critical factor in the success of coaching sessions is direct, unfiltered conversations.  Sometimes it’s a push and pull, a hashing out of difficult situations to find the perfect solution.  Other times, it’s a careful, thorough exploration of an idea or opportunity.

Your coach is much like a therapist–you will be challenged, questioned, and pushed…all in an attempt to help you reach your personal and professional goals.

Your coach is in your corner, dedicated to your success.

Try it Out for Free

A 30-minute, trial run coaching session is available so you can determine if this approach works for you.