Social Media

Spend Your Time Running Your Business

Regular blogging and social media updates are crucial to keeping your website current and your SEO relevant, but who really has the time?  We do.

Together, we’ll create a posting schedule that works for your strategy and budget.

Blogs, social media sites (including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+), and the News section of your website can all be regularly updated with professionally written copy.

All on a budget you can afford.

You’ve Had the Same Experience

How often have you come across this?

You visit a website to learn more about a company and you’re impressed with the site, the copy, and the offering.  Then, you click on their blog or social media links.

Nothing has been updated in months, perhaps years, and you’re left wondering if the company is still in business.  It’s obvious they don’t pay attention to details.

“…always been a pleasure to work with.”  Renee G., Marketing Manager

What a Waste.  Yet, How Common.

Regularly updating blogs, news, and social media is one of the most important things you can do to keep a website’s SEO working and to engage visitors.

Yet, few have the time or energy to devote to researching and writing and posting.  We do.

Blogs, News, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ can be maintained with keyword-driven, SEO-relevant, professionally-written copy, all on a budget you can afford.

What’s The Process?

Planning & Interviewing Planning

Not a single word is written until we chat, plan out your strategy and goals, and agree on many things.  What kinds of things?  The voice of your social media campaign (and overall marketing strategy).  Who we’re marketing to.  What you want to come of the reading of the post.  And so on.  In short, we plan before we write.

Planning & Interviewing Outlining

For social media campaigns, we work from a solid outline.  Every post has a specific purpose.  Together, we’ll map out the entire strategy–from the voice to the flow to the action you’d like the reader to take.  We’ll agree on a complete outline and you’ll be as involved in the creative process as you choose.

Planning & Interviewing Writing

This is where we roll up our sleeves, put on a pot (or three) of dark coffee, and begin our magic (also known as hard work).  Then, we write.  And we write.  And we…you get the idea.  Occasionally, we’ll reach out for clarification, thoughts, etc., but for the most part this stage is where we crawl in to our little writing hole and disappear for a period of time.

Planning & Interviewing Revising and Editing

Eventually, we emerge from the cave and present the finished product–your social media campaign.  But that’s not where the process stops.  You may have some suggestions/ideas/revisions and we’re happy to make those.  After all, this is your project.  Most writings need an edit.  Together, we’ll finalize the copy before you put it into the cyber-universe.