Technician Classes

Juggling Two Worlds

Technicians have a difficult job.

On one hand, they’re skilled physical laborers doing the nasty work most prefer to not think about.  The work is hard and dirty, and often involves long hours.

On the other hand, they have to be skilled in dealing with customers and in getting a signature on a work authorization.  Rarely are homeowners excited to have a restoration team arrive at their front door–it means something has gone terribly wrong.

Knowing how to make a great first impression, how to calm homeowners quickly, and how to convince difficult customers to sign the bottom line are all valuable tools to succeeding as an insurance restoration technician.

Online Classes Boost Income and Make Lives Easier

With the hectic, unpredictable nature of a technician’s daily schedule, traditional in person classes are often not feasible.  By placing our technician classes online, your team can study when time permits.

These online classes are also great to use in a group setting during your technician team meetings.

Each class is practical, with techniques proven in restoration markets nationally.

Your technicians will become more comfortable at the doorstep and more effective in closing deals.  That means more money for everyone.

Complete List of Technician Online Classes (7 Classes Total)

How to Move Homeowners from No to Yes–30 minutes

Rejection is part of trying to get work agreements signed, right?  Not necessarily.  There is a talent behind moving a homeowner from saying no to yes.  This class covers our nine-step process to gently, but effectively guide homeowners into signing up so you can begin the mitigation process.  A great class for new and experienced technicians.

Dealing with Objections and Advanced Closing Skills–60 minutes

You probably don’t think of being a salesperson, but you are.  At least for part of each day.  And being in sales means dealing with objections.  While most think an objection is the end of the game, truth is an objection is simply a request for more information.  Think of it as a foul ball in baseball.  But, what next?  Knowing the 5 types of objections (yep, there are only five) and how to deal with them takes you one step closer to increasing your closing rate.  And after the objection is dealt with?  You have to know how to ask for business.  Our closing techniques will show you how to gently move homeowners to your side of the competitive line.

Understanding and Selling to Different Personality Types–30 minutes

Would it surprise you to know there are, basically, only 16 different people walking the earth?  That’s the total number of core personality types inhabiting every city in every country.  You’ve probably met a person who immediately reminded you of someone else.  It wasn’t your imagination.  Knowing how to recognize these personality types (and how to engage them) will make a tremendous difference in obtaining more signed work agreements.

Understanding and Selling to Different Communication Styles

Everyone has a basic communication style.  Some styles conflict with others. 
Knowing how to quickly determine a communication style, then knowing how to adjust so your message is heard, makes all the difference between ongoing frustration and success in your career.  Learn the physical, emotional, and verbal characteristics of each style of communication and how to deal with each.

The Power of Goals–3o minutes

Imagine a sporting event where no one kept score.  How would a winner be determined?  It’s amazing, but the average restoration technician doesn’t have any goals–not personal or professional.  That’s like taking a road trip without a map.  This course will make an immediate difference in your level of happiness, both on the job and off.   You’ll receive worksheets and a step-by-step guide to understand what your goals are in a variety of areas.

Understanding Body Language–30 minutes

Did you know that 55% of every conversation is non-verbal?  Are you fluent in interpreting body language?  If not, you’re probably missing great opportunities to push farther or to explain unspoken objections.  With this course, you’ll have a greater understanding of the subtleties of body language, what different gestures mean, and how to engage negative non-verbal communication.  This course should be taken by everyone dealing directly with the public.

Making Money with Listening Skills–45 minutes

Everyone thinks they are a great listener.  Everyone also thinks they are a great driver. The truth is, up to 90% of the population are terrible listeners.  That probably includes you.  So what?  Well, it’s costing you money.  Lots and lots of money.  This class dives in to how to become an effective listener and how to translate this skill into happier customers.